About SolarReviews

SolarReviews has been the leading American consumer reviews website for reviews and ratings of residential solar panels and solar panel installation companies since 2012.

It has also grown to become the leading consumer education website for homeowners considering installing solar panels on their rooftop and to offer consumers solar price comparison functionality.

In relation to specific brands of solar panels, SolarReviews provides:

  • Consumer reviews
  • Expert reviews
  • Specifications and warranty details
  • Individual panel prices from leading websites
  • Solar panel kit prices from leading websites
  • Complete system prices from local solar companies that sell the panel including installation

In relation to specific solar panel installation companies, SolarReviews provides:

  • Consumer reviews
  • Contact details
  • Brands of solar panels and inverters the company sells and installs
  • Contact details for the company
  • Average system prices for installed systems
  • Cheapest recorded system price
  • Quote comparison tool

The SolarReviews blog also provides expert opinion and advice on other matters relating to solar panels for homes, solar battery storage, solar prices, electric vehicles, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Can you trust what you read of SolarReviews?

None of the SolarReviews journalists or editors are affiliated with, or have a financial relationship with, any specific solar company, manufacturer or distributor of any of the solar products listed and reviewed on our website in the United States.

Unless otherwise marked, reviews on our site have been uploaded by consumers and do not represent the views of SolarReviews, its owner Solar Investments Inc or any of our staff or Directors.

What other leading solar industry websites rely on SolarReviews website for solar content?

It takes a lot of work to gather and curate accurate and reliable information about solar panels for home in up to date in a rapidly changing policy and technology landscape. This is why a number of other leading industry bodies link to and rely on information and tools provided by SolarReviews including:

How do we make money?

How do we make money?

When viewing reviews of solar companies or specific solar equipment on our site, you may decide you want to request a quote.

Approximately 2% of our site visitors make this decision; when you do, we earn a small fee from the solar company you request the quote from. The fee is the same regardless of which solar company in your area you choose for a quote.

For the other 98% of site visitors, we are just a high-quality consumer education website, providing free content and calculators for consumers to evaluate the solar potential of their homes.

What other solar-related businesses are SolarReviews involved in?

The group that owns SolarReviews also owns a number of other specialty solar websites and solar software tools. However, the company is not involved in any solar installation or distribution businesses in the United States directly.

Other sites include:

Cutmybill.com: This is the only free-to-use solar calculator on the internet that models the effects of time of use electric billing on the returns a homeowner get from installing solar panels.

Solar-Estimate.org: This is the leading site for consumers to get a ballpark estimate of the economics of installing solar panels for their home. It contains the easiest-to-use solar panel calculator, allowing consumers to estimate how many solar panels they need for their home and how much they might save before deciding if they wish to compare live solar prices from solar providers near them.

SolarPanelTalk.com: The leading solar panels forum website in the United States for discussion of all things related to solar panels for homes and also for other portable and off-grid applications.

SunNumber.com: Sun Number is most well known for providing Sun Number scores for approximately 84 million American homes that are listed on the Zillow website. Sun Number has provided this functionality to Zillow since 2016. Sun Number was the first web service in America that measured the effect of shading on particular homes and used this as part of a wider formula to calculate a Sun Number for a home. The shade calculation software uses LIDAR data that is collected by government authorities around the country. This functionality is now being incorporated into the Solar-Estimate.org solar calculator to give more accurate solar energy production calculations.

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