Calculate how much you can save with solar panels

Average 25 year solar savings: $52,454

Average solar panel cost: $14,953 - $18,276*

Average year 1 electric bill savings: $2,098

Estimate solar panel cost and savings based on your location, roof and power use.

*Solar panel savings by location, solar panel manufacturer, system size and the amount of electricity your home uses. Cost shown after ITC tax credit.

Your utility company and solar panels

Updated: October 22, 2020

Solar panel cost calculator

Are solar panels worth it as a customer of your utility?

One of the big issues we try and bring to light here at SolarReviews is just how attractive the investment return can be from installing solar panels on your home. With the 30% tax credit still available until the end of 2032, and around 30 states having net metering programs in place that pay you either full retail rates, or close to it, for excess solar power that you export to the grid, the opportunity exists to make a tidy profit whilst also helping fight climate change.

Calculating solar savings can be difficult because savings depend on many factors including your location (different locations get different amounts of sun), the suitability of your roof for solar panels, local rebates and incentives, how and when you use electricity in your house, the structure of the utility electric rate plan you are on (tiered or time of use), the amount charged per kilowatt hour (kwh) by your utility and the amount your utility pays for excess solar power exported to the grid

This why we here at SolarReviews have created utility specific solar calculators for use by customers of each of the major electric utilities in America. These solar panels savings calculators take into account all the factors above to produce an online savings estimate and to provide a comfortable way to seek further information from some of the leading solar companies servicing your area if you want to investigate these savings further. Select your utility below to get started.

It may be that solar isn't the only way you can reduce your electric utility bill. It may be possible to make savings by:

  • Swapping to a rate plan that is cheaper for your usage; and/or
  • Implementing energy efficiency measures

However, installing solar will usually be the single most effective thing you can do to reduce your electric bill and the option that can achieve the greatest savings.

How much can you save with your utility?


If you can't find your utility in the list above check back regularly as we continue adding to this list.

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