SolarReviews Media Mentions

"You should seek proposals from several installers. Comparison shopping services like [SolarReviews] make it easy to contact multiple installers."

"Extreme weather events across the U.S. — from wildfires and drought in the West, to deep freezes and floods in the South and Southeast — have disrupted the electric grid this year. As a result, homeowners are buying solar and energy storage systems at rates never before seen, according to data from solar website"

"Solar Reviews offer a calculator that will quickly provide you with representative costs and savings for a solar power system in every part of the U.S. Calculators like this are a good place to start if you are new to solar energy and want to understand the basic cost model."

"Your home's orientation toward the sun, the amount of shade and its roof type also affect a solar system's output. You can estimate the efficiency of panels on your home by using the SolarReviews calculator."

"The more-expensive option is a solar-powered home battery like the Tesla Powerwall. These store power from solar panels on your roof. They help defray the costs of fossil-fuel powered electricity and act as a back-up battery for a home in the event of an outage. Total costs (including installation) start around $12,000, but that's assuming the house already has solar panels."

"Teslas get between 262 and 405 miles per charge, depending on the model, according to"

"A battery system does this by disconnecting your home from the grid at the moment of a blackout. This is called 'islanding.' A few standalone inverters can do this without batteries, too."

"Depending on your location and energy needs, a considerably cheaper 6-kW system could be adequate. There are a number of solar system financing and leasing programs, although the latter may come with onerous conditions from the leasing company, so be sure to read the fine print. Some utilities also offer incentives."